leid me als ik luisteren wil lead me if i am willing to listen

"This is the most candid book I have ever read"

Leid me… als ik luisteren wil! (Lead me… if I am willing to listen!)

This book is exclusively available in Dutch

This book relates the story of Diana van Beaumont – Hendriks (1967). When automatic writing (messages from the universe) leads her to discover the spiritual world, her life takes an extraordinary turn. In this book, we spend three years with Diana, during the time that she contacts her spiritual guides and deceased loved ones.

Encouraged to do so by her spirits, she decides to fulfill her life’s purpose: writing books. We see both her spiritual growth, which becomes manifest in her work, but also her painful confrontations with wounds from the past, learning to say goodbye and let go, choosing new paths, getting back up after a fall.

Step by step, Diana comes closer to her Core. The centre, where she can find herself. Guided by spirits, who offer her support by means of automatic writing. 
In this book, Diana van Beaumont – Hendriks shows us that we can realise our dreams. By constantly taking an honest, hard look at ourselves, recognising our pitfalls and navigating around them. She also offers readers insight into the spiritual world: soul contact with unborn babies, messages from the spiritual world, trance-speaking and automatic writing.

Reactions readers
“This is the most candid book I have ever read. I wonder if there is another book out there that tells the story of a person’s purpose as clearly. Very spiritual! Definitely a book that stays with you. I couldn’t put it down and read it in a single stretch.”

“Words can’t express how beautiful it is. Straight from the heart, and so many moments I can identify with. My congratulations on this wonderful book, and I hope many more will follow in the future.”

“I read your book. A wonderfully written book with a wealth of intention, the perfect wording, your fighting spirit, your struggle, your quiet and happy moments.”
“Breathtaking, I finished it in one day, I recognise so many of your peaceful moments, including contact with The Supreme, you inner wisdom, so purely written.”